Put Your Sox On!

This is the inaugural post in a new series I’ll be writing about the Chicago White Sox. So go ahead and “Put Your Sox On”.

If you know me, the “Dutch Lion”, you know that I’m a huge White Sox fan. Always have been, ever since I stepped into the old Comiskey Park for the first time on July 25, 1982. One look at the expansive green grass field and I was sold. Sox forever!

What a great time to be a Sox fan! As we embark on this rebuild, it’s gonna be so much fun. Just think about it……..and remember it. Remember the sad times when we’re on top of the world. The tough times are what make us appreciate the good times. So don’t take it for granted. Nothing is certain. Nothing is for sure. Will the Sox win the World Series again soon? Don’t count on it. That way we won’t be distraught if they don’t. Having said that, I’ve always been a positive person, especially when it comes to sports. I’m that guy that thinks, no…….. KNOWS that our time will come. And I can’t wait.

Opening Day 2018 was fun, no? When James Shields started the game by giving up 4 quick runs, I wasn’t too happy. It felt a lot like 2016 and 2017. “Here we go again……..” But then a funny thing happened. The hitters woke up, bombing 6 home runs off of Kansas City pitching en route to a 14-7 victory at the Royals’ Kauffmann Stadium.

Matt Davidson hit 3 homers. Tim Anderson hit 2 dongs. Jose Abreu started it all in the 4th inning with his 1st bomb and the Sox were off and running. 14 hits and 7 walks off of the Royals pitching including starter Danny Duffy make us think this 2018 Sox team might be more than meets the eye.

But it’s one game folks. Pump the brakes, even though GM Rick Hahn told us not to the other day.

Could this Sox team contend? Possibly but not probably. The AL Central isn’t very good. Only Cleveland is a really solid World Series contender. Minnesota? I don’t believe in them. Kansas City is a shadow of its former self, the 2015 World Series Champs. Detroit……please.

Therefore, I’m picking Chicago to finish in 2nd or 3rd place in the division in 2018 with a near .500 record. Expect 81-81 or so.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow is Game 2 of the ’18 campaign. I’m so happy we had the off day……we needed the rest after running around the bases so often on Thursday. Tomorrow……..don’t forget to “Put your Sox On!”

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  1. Despite the fact that the socks I wear are red, I know what you mean by remember the good times while in bad times – all too well! I’ve always admired the fans of Chicago for their solid support for the teams, I have to give you credit!!

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  2. Awesome! The White Sox are definitely putting the talent together to contend again some day. I remember they always used to have two big bats in the order, whether it was Konerko and Thomas or Konerko and Thome. Always a hand full.

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  3. Yes! The Sox have had at least a couple of big bats for 20+ years but the last few years have been dry. Since the debut of Comiskey Park II in 1991, the team was built on the big home run hitters. Frank Thomas, George Bell, Robin Ventura, Dan “The Hammer” Pasqua, Albert Belle, Paulie Konerko, Magglio Ordonez, Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome, Carlos Lee, Carlos Quentin, etc. The list goes on and on, but since Paulie retired and Rick Hahn took over for Kenny Williams at GM, the direction has shifted. Hopefully the new young kids will turn into players like the list above. I’ll get to those guys over the course of this season. Thanks for your comments!


    1. Thanks Robert. I don’t know what’s up. When I clicked on your “View Comment” button it did not load correctly for me either. However, when I just clicked on the story via my homepage it worked just fine. I wonder if I should contact WordPress about it.

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      1. I would, their costumer support is good. I haven’t tried today but yesterday when I let you know via Twitter none of them would load and when I checked back later this one did but the rest wouldn’t. Just kept waiting for it to lead. good luck.

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      2. Hey Robert, thanks for telling me about this. I too am having problems loading my posts. I can get to my homepage but then clicking on posts is a problem. They nevrr load. Customer service said everything was fine. I yold them to check again. We’ll see…..


    2. Hey Robert, They claim that the problem is now fixed. It was a problem with the ads. I use WordAds and they asked me to change my theme. I complied. I was happy to change anyway. So they say the problem is now solved. Do you have any problems loading my posts? Thanks so much for your help!!!

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  4. Reid, I did see a good bit of that opener and was very impressed by what I saw. I do agree with your assessment of the division, and it should be a fun season for White Sox fans as they start to work their way towards being a contender once more. Enjoy!

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    1. Big card collector? Yeah, me too. In fact, I still collect cards. I enjoy the hobby with my son now. We don’t really go to hobby shops but we’ll buy the retail packs and boxes at stores like Target. I also buy some boxes online at places like Dave & Adam’s Card World. I bet you had some great valuable cards of Yaz, Ted Williams, Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, and Carlton Fisk from back then.

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