2019 New Year’s Goals

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2019 New Year’s Goals

*Breaking News! My New Year’s Day goal is to sit in front of the TV, minus a hangover, and watch college football bowl games on TV all day while stuffing my face with fat “comfort” food. Plus, I will drink heavily, topped by an ice cream sundae. I’ll give it a whirl. PS Current status: I’m feeling comfortable just typing the words “comfort food”.

The above was what we call sarcasm. Sarcasm minus the joking, because let’s be honest, this is exactly how I spend every New Year’s Day.

Seriously now, let’s set a list of Goals, or Resolutions, for 2019.

  1. Read more books. I’m thinking 10 or 20 books. (See my list below)
  2. Be nicer to people. It’s always a life goal.
  3. Be a better friend. Be generous. Give.
  4. Stop being an annoying pain in the ass to my wife and kids.
  5. Lose some weight and fat %. Give it to the poor.
  6. Trek across Antarctica.
  7. Climb Mt. Olympus, Mt. Kilimanjaro, or maybe walk up a local hill.
  8. Develop DutchLionSports.com into a better site. Write more often and develop some broader genres, including possibly fiction. Hmmmm.
  9. Run.
  10. Golf more often. Get that average under 90.
  11. Win all my fantasy leagues, as usual. Just kidding. I’ve never won the Butkus League. Let’s get that one accomplished so we can move on in life.
  12. Move out of Illinois. I-L-L sucks.
  13. Save money. Eat like a pauper and stop spending money on dumb stuff like large lattes and tolls. Tolls….. who needs ’em?
  14. Become a scofflaw.
  15. Get caught speeding, at least once. C’mon cops, I’m long overdue driving at these speeds. What are you doing while on the clock? Get that speed gun outta your crotch and into my car. “Get outta my dreams. Get into my car. (Echo)….Get into my car……. Get outta my dreams. Get in the backseat babaay” – Billy Ocean
  16. Make a new friend. I did it this year!
  17. Eat squid.
  18. Puke up squid.
  19. Listen to more Billy Ocean.
  20. Dust.
  21. Get those ivy plants crawling up the house. Fertilize!
  22. Run a race, like one of those 3k, 5k, or 10k deals.
  23. Join a fantasy CFL league. CFL stands for Canadian Football League.
  24. Drive by the “Home Alone” house in nearby Winnetka. It’s just 25 miles down the road. What are we waiting for?
  25. When sad, watch videos on Youtube of two things: Charlie Steiner on ESPN SporsCenter vids and all-time top managerial meltdowns.
  26. Take the family on a driving trip out West to see some national parks. Buy a cowboy hat and wear my cowboy boots.
  27. Swim in the Caribbean.
  28. Watch more old 80s music videos on Youtube. Incredible fun! (See Billy Ocean video below)
  29. REMINDER: Turn the underpants inside out tomorrow.
  30. Dominate every day!

That’s it. Not too hard. Maybe too easy. We’ll see.

2019 List of Books

  1. “Hawk” by Ken Harrelson – Just started on 12/26.
  2. “The Big Fella: Babe Ruth” by Jane Leavy
  3. “Cobb” by Al Stump
  4. “No Sad Songs” by fellow blogger Frank Morelli
  5. “Serpents Underfoot” by fellow blogger D.C. Gilbert
  6. “41: A Portrait of my Father” by George W. Bush
  7. “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway
  8. “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain
  9. maybe another selection from Twain
  10. “The 50 Best College Football Teams of All Time” by Bill Connelly
  11. “Namath” by Mark Kriegel
  12. “Steinbrenner” by Bill Madden
  13. “Casey Stengel” by Marty Appel
  14. “The Mannings” by Lars Anderson
  15. “The Streak” by John Eisenberg
  16. “The Opening Kickoff” by Dave Revsine
  17. “Leadership” by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  18. “The Greatest Ballpark Ever” by Bob McGee
  19. “Game Day” by Craig James
  20. “73-0!” by Lew Freedman
  21. “Good Girl” by Mary Kubica – Mary is a friend I grew up with back in LZ. We used to go running together. Mary’s cool. I don’t normally read fiction but……. you guessed it……. I’ll give it a whirl. This was Mary’s first novel. She has five books in total now. My wife has read all of ’em and loves ’em.

Staring at these books on my bookshelf, there’s little chance I actually get through all of these. Some are thick books. Who knows? As we wrote above, I’ll give ’em a whirl. I don’t think I’ll follow this order above. It’s more random. Sometimes I feel like baseball. Sometimes I feel like football. Sometimes a book is too big to drag on a vacation.

That’s all for now. I better get reading ……. and preparing that squid …… and turning those underpants inside out…… and listening to Billy Ocean.


Reid “Dutch Lion”


  1. Reid, comfort food and bowl games both well underway here. Kathy and I enjoyed the Intercontinental Football League this year, and we’re looking forward to next season already. If you have any fantasy baseball openings come spring, don’t hesitate to contact me regarding my interest. Wishing you and yours a great 2019!!!

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    1. Yes! I hope to accomplish at least some of my goals. I highly doubt Kilimanjaro will happen. 😉 As for your book, I don’t even own it yet but I’m planning on it. Thanks Darren!


    1. My family makes fun of me but I really need to see it. It’s listed on Zillow if you want to check it out. Or you could drive here and visit. The famous director John Hughes grew up on the North Shore of Chicago here and filmed most of his movies in the area. It’s really cool. We’ve seen the Risky Business house and Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s. If I go I’ll take pics and make sure you see them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Perfect. There was a guy on YouTube who stopped at all the Home Alone locations, like the house, grocery store, church, and somewhere else. They’re all somewhat near each other. I was gonna ask if you know where the Family Matters house is, but just realized they tore it down last year.

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  2. Reading Leadership by DKG right now. Listened to her talk at my conference in Baltimore back in September about the book; I had her sign my copy. It is a good read so far.

    When I was in Jr. High, I used to ride my bike from Highwood south to see the Home Alone house, by myself. I can’t image letting G do that now!

    Great list!

    Moses A.

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    1. Hey Moses! Thanks for the comments. They made my day. Deb and I argue about the Home Alone thing all the time. She thinks it’s weird that I want to go drive over there and look at the house. A few others such as yourself think it’s awesome. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      Regarding the book, I haven’t started it yet but I’ll let you know later. I wish I had a signed copy. I’m jealous! Haha.



  3. Great list! I’m looking forward to joining you in accomplishing some of these (#13, 24, 26, and 27). Others I just can’t help you with or support (#6, 12, 18 and 29).
    Good luck! 🙂

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