The Most Amazing Feat in Sports History?

On this day in 1938, Johnny Vander Meer made history. Eighty-two years later, nobody has beaten his feat, much less matched it. Vander Meer pitched back-to-back no-hitters for the Cincinnati Reds in June of 1938. Only a couple pitchers have even come close to duplicating his feat (California’s Nolan Ryan in 1973 and Cincinnati’s Ewell Blackwell in 1947 as written by ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian in 2013). When we think about unbreakable sports records, this might be the most unbreakable of them all. I know it’s only been eighty two years but even with this limited amount of data, it’s hard to believe any pitcher will ever pitch three consecutive no-no’s.

Johnny Vander Meer pitched a no-hitter for the Cincinnati Reds on June 11, 1938 versus the Boston Bees. Four days later, Vander Meer went out there on the bump and did it again, this time at Brooklyn in the first ever night game at historic Ebbets Field.

I’ve got to believe that the vision for hitters in a “first ever night game” was not up to par and that may have contributed to a “pitcher’s game” at Ebbets. Nonetheless, Vander Meer did it and nobody else ever has, including Nolan Ryan who holds the record of most no-hitters with seven. Vander Meer went on to have an average to above-average career, winning 119 games while losing 121 with a 3.44 ERA over 13 seasons. He made four All-Star Games and is a member of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. Johnny died at age 82 in 1997.

82 years ago, Johnny Vander Meer did what nobody will likely ever do again. On this day, despite the lack of Major League Baseball, we celebrate what he accomplished.


  1. My daughter (15) plays high level softball – she is a pitcher (lefty) and barring any injuries or accidents will probably pitch D1 in college.
    My son (13) plays baseball, SS and switch hits – he also pitches some but we feel parents and coaches are wearing these boys out trying to win tournaments that really don’t matter.
    Softball/Baseball is pretty much our life and I love it!
    Baseball in particular has got to be the most fascinating sport ever – it is no wonder it is America’s favorite past time.
    I cannot believe that Meer pitched two back-to-back no hitters! What a feat. But records are meant to be broken. I just hope when it happens I get to watch!
    Great post!

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    1. Strange fact, our kids are the same age! Believe it or not, my daughter is 15 and my son is 13. What!!!!

      However, our kids are done with baseball, unfortunately. My son played for 8 years, my daughter for 2 or 3. I wish they were still playing but they have other interests now.

      Good luck with Little League. I too have issues, many issues, with Little League coaches. I’ve almost written an entire post about it but I’ve been scared to offend my friends who are sometimes coaches in the leagues. Of course, now that my kids are done with that, maybe I’ll get around to writing that column.

      Thanks for the comments and good luck this Summer Beck!


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