2021 Football Season Recap

2021 Football Season Recap

It’s time for Dutch Lion to brag a little bit. It was quite a year! The 2021 football season was historic for everyone, including “Dutch Lion”. Along with Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s help, we correctly predicted all three major North American football champions. We were right about who would be the NFL’s Super Bowl Champion, the NCAA’s National Champion, and even the CFL’s Grey Cup Champion in our preseason previews.

Remember how shocked you were when you read the 2021 College Football Spectacular on September 2 in which Dutch Lion went all in on the Georgia Bulldogs?

That moment you knew Georgia won it all, as predicted!

Remember how surprised you were when you read the 2021 Pro Football Spectacular on September 13 in which Dutch Lion predicted that the Los Angeles Rams would win Super Bowl LVI (56)? Not only that, but how about that bonus pick for our Canadian friends with the 2021 CFL Grey Cup Champions? Yeah, that’s right. We correctly predicted that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers would win the Canadian Football League’s CFL Championship. (However, this one wasn’t really a true preseason prediction. The CFL was already in Week 7 of their 16 week regular season schedule.)

That moment when Cooper Kupp (one of Dutch Lion’s favorite players) caught the game-winning TD to give the L.A. Rams the Super Bowl Title, as predicted!

How many times has a guy correctly predicted all three Champions in one year? The world may never know, but at least you know that Dutch Lion was correct on all three Championships for the 2021 football season.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers dominated the CFL in ’21 and became Grey Cup Champions, as predicted.

I hope you enjoy learning about football from my insightful previews as well as my weekly Chicago Bears columns. I thank you for your loyal readership. See you next season!

Reid “Dutch Lion” Wiersema

My man Cooper Kupp was named Super Bowl MVP, you know it!!!

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