FIRE NAGY! What are we waiting for?

The Chicago Bears are 3-4. They have scored only 11 touchdowns this season in seven games. One of those TD’s was a defensive score by Roquan Smith. That’s 10 offensive touchdowns on the season in seven games for a head coach who was supposed to be an “offensive mastermind”. Nagy went 12-4 in 2018, his rookie year, winning Coach of the Year honors after losing the NFC Playoff opener at home in the infamous “Double Doink” game. Then in 2019 the Bears went a disappointing 8-8. Then in ’20 they went 8-8 again, capped by a miserable NFC Wild Card Playoff performance at New Orleans. Add this year’s objectionable performance and we have a 31-24 record, two bad playoff losses, an offense that gets worse seemingly every week, and a head coach that can’t call plays.


If GM Ryan Pace is smart, he will oust Nagy ASAP in hopes that he can save his own hide. If Pace doesn’t make the move, he will assuredly, hopefully, get fired on the same day as Nagy on Black Monday, the day after the last regular season Sunday.

Plus, another reason to oust Nagy right now is because a new rule was just passed at the NFL Owner’s Meetings. The coach hiring timeline has been updated. Teams can now start interviewing head coaching candidates BEFORE the end of the season. In fact, they have two additional weeks. The only caveat is that the team must have released their head coach that started the season. In other words, if the Bears fire Nagy now, they can start interviewing candidates in Week 16.

Oh my gosh, this could be a game-changer. Usually, teams must wait until Black Monday. At that point, all teams are in the same boat. Basically, the way I understand this new rule is that NFL teams will be firing their coaches before Week 16 rather than waiting until Black Monday. That way, they can begin interviewing earlier, thus beating the competition.

One could argue that the Bears would be just as good with an interim coach right now as they are with Nagy at the helm. In fact, maybe they’d be better. Maybe Nagy is dragging them down. Don’t we think the Bears would have three wins out of seven games even if OC Bill Lazor, DC Sean Desai, or anyone else would have been the interim coach? I certainly do.

I just don’t see the upside to keeping Nagy around. If anything, he is a hindrance at this point in his tenure. The Bears risk hurting the franchise quarterback Justin Fields by having Nagy remain his head coach.

Why is/was Nagy highly regarded again? What has he really done, other than ruin Mitch Trubisky and ruin the entire Bears offense, all the while preaching that he understands the offense stinks but “please just trust me and believe that we’re making progress”? C’mon man. It’s over.

So one more time, what are Pace and the Bears waiting for?


  1. The biggest proble is Ted Phillips…he should have been fired years ago. This idiot needed a consultant to hire someone – t=so then why do we need Phillips? This will be FOUR coaches since they fired Lovie Smith.

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