Reid ‘Em & Weep (1.7)

2016 Butkus League Draft2

Butkus League

As many of you know, I love fantasy sports. Less of you know that my favorite fantasy sport is college football. The Butkus League was conceived in 1999 by Derek, Simon, and myself. We kicked around the idea over email. If I remember right, I was at work at my second job out of college, the infamous H&S Media. I had just started there in early ’99 and to keep in touch with our college buddies, Derek, Simon, and I founded the League during that Summer. We needed a few more guys so I asked my friends Mike and Jeff. I think I invited them in the car during our trip to Appleton, WI. (Do you guys remember that?) Simon asked Leo and Derek asked Raj. They all joined so there were just seven of us trying out a new idea. Needless to say, it has been a giant success. From the very first pick in 1999 Drew Brees, to great picks like “Rocket Queen” Michael Crabtree, Tim Tebow, “Camzilla” Cam Newton, and Derrick Henry. For every Reggie Bush there’s a Joe McKnight. For every Amari Cooper there’s a Freddie Milons. For every Maurice Clarett there’s a Lydell Ross. From the Trophy we bought in 2001 to the current Trophy (which still has only the original 3 Champions names engraved. WHAT!) From the many different rules changes, the different eligible teams, the many people involved, the League remains the highest priority in our competitive lives. Many wonder why there is no money involved. It’s not about money. It’s about pride.

So we just had our 18th Annual Butkus League Draft. Here’s how it all went down at Simon’s new place in Lincoln Park. By the way, I just gave my Phil Steele a serious workout. I might need to buy a new one after bending the pages insanely the last few days, along with the water damage sustained when I put my backpack down on a wet spot after that “Air & Water Show” drenching on Simon’s back porch. Anyway, here’s the Draft in all it’s glory with analysis and “Odds ‘N Ends” noted in red ink. All opinions are final! Just kidding. All opinions are fluid and don’t take them personally. For the record, we’re all allowed up to 14 keepers which makes this a super Dynasty league, so that’s why guys like Leonard Fournette and Seth Russell are not listed in the Draft below.  And oh by the way, Phil, we need to buy you some drinks. I owe you going all the way back to Rudi Johnson in 2000.


2016 Butkus League Way-Too-Early Draft Analysis

Round 1 Note that we had 1 SR, 7 FR in the 1st Round!!!
1 Simon Dakota Prukop/QB/Oregon/SR – Best pick of the 1st round.
2 Mike Jalen Hurts/QB/Alabama/FR – Mike’s “Jump the Shark AKA I hit the wall from too much drinking Moment”. Worst pick of the 1st round, but then again…..look at all these FR. They might all be busts.
3 Reid Jacob Eason/QB/Georgia/FR Jacob Eason
4 Derek Shane Buechele/QB/Texas/FR
5 Jeff Jett Duffey/QB/Texas Tech/FR
6 Jeff (from Dave) Zach Smith/QB/Baylor/FR
7 Brian Shea Patterson/QB/Mississippi/FR
8 Mike (from Jon) DeMario McCall/RB/Ohio St./FR
Round 2  3 JR, 2 FR, 2 RSFR, 1 SO
9 Simon Mark Thompson/RB/Florida/JR
10 Mike Austin Mack/WR/Ohio St./FR
11 Reid Isaiah Ford/WR/Virginia Tech/JR – Best pick of the 2nd round. I almost took him at #3 overall.
12 Derek Sam Darnold/QB/USC/RSFR – Worst pick of the 2nd round. Named backup hours later.
13 Jeff Tyler Hilinski/QB/Washington St./RSFR
14 Jeff (from Dave) Kerryon Johnson/RB/Auburn/SO
15 Brian Damore’ea Stringfellow/WR/Mississippi/JR
16 Mike (from Jon) Devwah Whaley/RB/Arkansas/FR
Round 3  1 SR, 1 JR, 1 SO, 4 FR, 1 RSFR
17 Jeff (from Simon) Brady White/QB/Arizona St./RSFR
18 Mike Kareem Walker/RB/Michigan/FR
19 Jeff (from Reid) Noah Brown/WR/Ohio St./SO
20 Derek Justin Herbert/QB/Oregon/FR – Eyeing the backup role already
21 Jeff Melquise Stovall/WR/California/FR
22 Dave Tavien Feaster/RB/Clemson/FR
23 Brian Torii Hunter/WR/Notre Dame/JR – Best pick of the 3rd round
24 Jon Travin Dural/WR/LSU/SR – Worst pick of the 3rd round: 533-3 as a JR. Breakout as a SR?
Round 4  5 JR, 3 FR
25 Simon John Ross/WR/Washington/JR – Tied for best pick of the 4th Round
26 Mike Donnie Corley/WR/Michigan St./FR
27 Reid Derrick Willies/WR/Texas Tech/JR
28 Derek Steve Ishmael/WR/Syracuse/JR
29 Jeff N’Keal Harry/WR/Arizona St./FR
30 Dave Dwayne Haskins/QB/Ohio St./FR – Worst pick of the round. Did you really need an OSU QB? He’s your Redshirt or you’re hoping Barrett gets hurt. Maybe too early for this at 30th overall.
31 Reid (from Brian) Tarean Folston/RB/Notre Dame/JR – Tied for Round 4’s best pick but ACL last year. Sounds like Kelly named him starter already.
32 Jon Brad Kaaya/QB/Miami/JR – Tied for best pick of Round 4, but his Soph stats were so-so: just 16 TD
Round 5  Run on Defenses starts with Bama: 4 D’s, 3 FR, 1 SO
33 Simon Collin Johnson/WR/Texas/FR
34 Mike Ryan Izzo/TE/Florida St./SO
35 Reid Alabama D – Bama rarely disappoints, rarely gets one nervous about negatives
36 Derek Demetris Robertson/WR/California/FR
37 Jeff Devin Duvernay/WR/Texas/FR
38 Dave Michigan D
39 Brian Florida D
40 Jon LSU D
Round 6  3 more D’s, 3 FR, 1 JR, 1 SO
41 Simon Washington D
42 Mike Tennessee D
43 Jeff (from Reid) T.J. Vasher/WR/Texas Tech/FR
44 Derek Ohio St. D
45 Jeff Isaiah Johnson/WR/Washington St./FR
46 Dave Nate Craig-Myers/WR/Auburn/FR
47 Brian Taj Williams/WR/TCU/JR – Best pick of Round 6
48 Jeff (from Jon) David Njoku/TE/Miami/SO
Round 7  3 SR!, 2 JR, 2 SO, 1 FR
49 Simon Davis Webb/QB/California/SR – Could be best pick of Round 7.
50 Mike Equanimeous St. Brown/WR/Notre Dame/SO – Why did they blow his RS last year? He played in just 7 games and had 1 catch. Dude, 1 lousy touch. Your FR year is burned up Quan!
51 Reid Keith Ford/RB/Texas A&M/JR – Could be best pick of Round 7.
52 Derek Stacy Coley/WR/Miami/SR – We’ll call this Worst Pick of Round 7 since he got in trouble literally one hour after our Draft concluded. He’s being investigated in car rental case per Miami Herald at 3:36 pm Saturday. 
53 Jeff John Franklin III/QB/Auburn/JR – Could be HUGE. At one time I considered him at #3 overall. Could be Best Pick of Round 7.
54 Dave Rawleigh Williams/RB/Arkansas/SO – Could be best pick of Round 7.
55 Brian O.J. Howard/TE/Alabama/SR
56 Jon Tyler Vaughns/WR/USC/FR
Round 8  A really good round of picks! 4 SR!, 1 JR, 1 SO, 1 FR, 1 D
57 Simon Barry Sanders/RB/Oklahoma St./SR
58 Mike Tyler O’Connor/QB/Michigan St./SR
59 Reid Ishmael Zamora/WR/Baylor/SO – My “Jump the Shark AKA I hit the wall from too much drinking Moment”. This dude beat his dog and faces discipline. Why did he rise up my Draft board? I guess I liked his aggressive “mean streak”.
60 Derek Trevor Knight/QB/Texas A&M/SR
61 Jeff Florida St. D
62 Dave Jerod Evans/QB/Virginia Tech/JR
63 Brian River Cracraft/WR/Washington St./SR
64 Jon B.J. Emmons/RB/Alabama/FR
Round 9  Another good round. 4 SR, 3 JR, 1 FR
65 Simon Matt Dayes/RB/N.C. State/SR
66 Mike Michael Geiger/K/Michigan St./SR
67 Reid Jamaal Williams/RB/BYU/SR – Nobody seems to like Seniors but this Mormon might put up 1000 yards in Big Sky country.
68 Derek DeDe Westbrook/WR/Oklahoma/SR
69 Jeff Aidan Schneider/K/Oregon/JR
70 Dave Austin Allen/QB/Arkansas/JR
71 Brian Devine Redding/RB/Indiana/JR
72 Jon Austin Kendall/QB/Oklahoma/FR  – Jon’s  “Jump the Shark AKA I hit the wall from too much drinking Moment”. Remember that game show called “Sale of the Century”? Jon just picked the “Handcuff of the Century” with this FR QB from Oklahoma. Yeah, it’s good to have the “possible” next QB at OU but Baker Mayfield was just designated a JR if I’m not mistaken and he doesn’t fit the profile of a high NFL Draft pick at QB so this Austin Kendall kid MIGHT compete in 2018. This is reminiscent of Reid’s Blake Bell. “Hey, I don’t mind redshirting Bell a 3rd time. Next year he’s gonna be AWESOME!”
Round 10  1 SR, 2 JR, 3 SO
73 Simon Dalton Schultz/TE/Stanford/SO
74 Reid Evan Engram/TE/Mississippi/SR
75 Derek Greg Huegel/K/Clemson/SO
76 Dave Ian Sadler/WR/Texas Tech/JR
77 Brian Sony Michel/RB/Georgia/JR – Could be huge if Chubby is still hurt. Of course, Sony “Playstation” is hurt too. “He’s got a forearm……daaaaa” – Coach Wannstedt
78 Jon John Burt/WR/Texas/SO
Round 11  1 SR, 2 SO, 1 FR, 1 RSFR
79 Simon Andy Phillips/K/Utah/SR – A run on kickers. These are all good kickers, well maybe not Pineiro. He’s never kicked in a game before.
80 Reid Eddy Pineiro/K/Florida/RSFR – Why am I so pumped about this guy? Because he kicks 77 yard FG’s in practice on Youtube…..that’s why! The next “Honkie widda Negro Leg”? I guess he’s more a “Hispanic widda Negro Leg”.
81 Dave Austin Seibert/K/Oklahoma/SO
82 Brian Justin Yoon/K/Notre Dame/SO
83 Jon Devin White/RB/LSU/FR
Round 12  2 SR, 1 SO
84 Dave Leshun Daniels/RB/Iowa/SR – Wanted him in a trade for a 6th rounder a week before the Draft. Got him in 12th Round. #Value #Dontworrybehappy
85 Brian Geno Lewis/WR/Oklahoma/SR
86 Jon Chris Warren III/RB/Texas/SO – Great pick. Excellent use of a Handcuff. Potential difference maker at #86. What’s great about our League is that Chris Warren could literally turn out to be the greatest player drafted in 2016.
Round 13  2 JR
87 Dave Simmie Cobbs/WR/Indiana/JR – Best pick of Round 13.
88 Jon Robert Foster/WR/Alabama/JR – Worst pick of Round 13. Another “Jump the Shark AKA I hit the wall from too much drinking Moment” for Jon? Man, that’s a lot of drinking!
Round 14  1 JR, 1 SO
89 Dave Jalan McClendon/QB/N.C. State/SO – Worst pick of Round 14.
90 Jon Charles Nelson/WR/Oregon/JR – Best pick of Round 14. Mr. Irrelevant is a really good player.

2016 Butkus League Draft5

Great Draft quotes:

Reid – “I’ve never won a Championship in 17 years but once I win……I’m really gonna start rolling!”

Mike – “WHAT? I’m not a Contender? I’m gonna win the Championship with Hurts!”

Reid – “It Hurts So Good Mike.”

Simon – “Why are all these great Seniors not getting drafted?”

All of us – “I’ll take blah blah blah” while the rest of us respond “Who?”

Mike – “I haven’t won a Championship since I had kids.”

Derek – “Let me break some of your lightbulbs to distract my competitors.” (This was not said but it did really happen.)

2016 Butkus League Draft4

So here go. We’re embarking on another year, another season, another chapter in the long history of the “Butkus League”. What will happen in 2016? Who will go down as Champ? Will Jeff’s strategy pay off down the line? Will Dave and Reid get off the “schneid”?  The Draft is over. Now the fun begins.



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