Chicago Bears Week 2 Preview

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The Bears (0-1) are featured on Monday Night Football in Week 2 as the Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) invade Soldier Field. This is the Bears home opener after losing on the road in Week 1 at Houston. All signs point to Philadelphia starting rookie QB Carson Wentz, who wowed the crowd in the Eagles Week 1 win over Cleveland 29-10. He went 22 of 37 for 278 yards and 2 TD’s. Can he duplicate his success in Week 2? The coaches sure would love it, but they have to get him ready to face the Monsters of the Midway, or at least this improving Bears defense. Who’s coaching the Eagles nowadays anyway? It’s Doug Pederson… know, that guy who backed up Brett Favre for most of his career? It makes you wonder if Favre will make an appearance on the Soldier Field sidelines. But where would he stand? He’d stand in front of Doug Pederson of course.


The Eagles sure looked impressive last week, but it WAS Cleveland so don’t get too excited Philly fans. Chicago ain’t Cleveland (3-13 last year), as they say. Who says that exactly, other than Joakim Noah? As bad as the Bears have been at times over the last decade, their mediocrity pales in comparison to the Browns failures since they returned as the Cleveland Browns in 1999 after the original Browns left to become the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns have exactly one playoff appearance in the 17 seasons under the new ownership! Speaking of owners, do you have a fine appreciation for art?…..Art Modell that is? Enough Art, and enough Cleveland. This week’s opponent is Philadelphia so let’s look at the numbers.

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The Eagles were 7-9 last year. The Bears were 6-10. The Eagles drafted Carson Wentz from North Dakota St. with the second overall pick. The Bears drafted Leonard Floyd from Georgia with the ninth overall pick. The Eagles used their first four picks in April’s Draft on offensive players. Yet they were awful last year on defense, giving up 430 points. The Bears gave up 397 points and used 6 of their 9 picks on defensive players, including five of their first six. Chicago also spent money on two big free agent linebackers in Freeman and Trevathan. Do you see where this is leading? The Bears have a better defense than Philadelphia and will prove it on Monday night!

Keep an Eye On:

Eddie Royal/WR/Bears

Royal had his Bears career high in receiving yards last week with 57 yards on 4 catches including his 19 yard touchdown. He also had a 31 yard punt return last week in Houston. Is he becoming a go-to receiver for Cutler when Jeffery is being double covered? After struggling with injuries last year, Royal is healthy for now. If he can stay that way, he could have a solid ’16 for Chicago.



I know what you’re thinking. Is this guy gonna pick the Bears again? The answer is yes. Pick the Bears. Trust me. If I’m wrong you can throw tomatoes at me on Tuesday. Here’s to thinking the Bears playing at Soldier Field in their home opener on MNF versus a rookie quarterback making his first start on the road will equal success. The Bears will get their first victory in 2016……and if they don’t, it’s a good thing I love tomatoes.

Bears 24 Eagles 13


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