Bears/Vikings Recap & Bears/Raiders Preview

Bears/Vikings Recap & Bears/Raiders Preview

On Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears (3-1) destroyed the Minnesota Vikings (2-2) in a slugfest by a score of 16-6. Chicago proved once again who has the best defense in football as they held the Vikings to just six points. By stuffing Minnesota, the Bears climbed back into a share of first place.

For more of this article about the Vikings game along with a preview of today’s Oakland Raiders game, please click here to go to Last Word on Pro Football.



Written by Dutch Lion

My real name is Reid but they call me the "Dutch Lion". This is a mainly a sports blog with sports analysis, previews, predictions, and recaps. However, I sometimes write about other topics including books and music and even comedy. Thanks for checking out the "Dutch Lion"!


    1. Bears came back down to Earth yesterday in London against the Raiders. A disappointing loss but overall I feel so good about the season. Both of us need the Packers to lose more. Our division is probably the best in football right now. Thanks for the comments Darren.


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