Are the 2019 Bears… the 2010 Packers?

All of this NFC playoff talk has reminded us of 2010. You may recall that the Bears and Packers were in opposite positions that year. Chicago won the NFC North with a record of 11-5 while the Packers were in the hunt for the Wild Card. Sure enough, the Packers earned a Wild Card spot with a 10-6 record by winning their last two games, including a defeat of the Bears in the regular-season finale at Lambeau Field by a score of 10-3.

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  1. Hey Darren, I agree that the Vikings are really good. They are WAY better than Green Bay. The Packers are overrated. Sure they are winning games but they don’t look very good doing it. I think Minnesota will beat them next week and win the division.

    Another thing…I was wrong about predicting the Vikings to win the Super Bowl last year but I might have been a year off. I was off a year with the Washington Nationals so that could bode well. Good luck!



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