Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

From those of us at “Dutch Lion Sports” to all of you voracious readers, we wish you a Happy New Year! Thanks for your support as we head into the year of vision, 20/20.

We’re looking forward to serving you the reader with exciting and unique content as we move forward into a new decade. The 2020s should be fantastic and we can’t wait to write about it.

We’ve always just wanted more time. Currently we have over forty stories in the “Hopper”, which is what we call our folder of “drafts”. The reason they’re just sitting in there is we need to tweak and finish these stories, as well as release them at the right time. Often the only reason we haven’t released them is they don’t fit into our writing calendar. So look for those stories moving forward. We’re extremely excited to bring those to you over the coming year(s).

Once again, thanks for reading. We appreciate your time.

Happy New Year!

“Dutch Lion”

Dutch Lion orange and black


  1. YO!!!

    I want some more HOT TAKES this year. You KNOW I love arguing sports with you especially being opposite fans Cubs/SOX and Packers/Bears!!!!!! Love it Bring the articles!!!

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    1. Hey Huntress, thanks for the comments! Yeah, I’ve been picking Michigan to beat the big, bad Buckeyes for several years in a row now and it just never happens. I still believe in Jim Harbaugh. I think he’ll eventually turn the corner but he’s had so much bad luck so far. Good luck to Michigan and Pittsburgh!


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