Gary “The Gut” Goombah 2021.13

Gary “The Gut” Goombah 2021.13

After last week’s disaster, Gary decided he absolutely needed to get back on the horse and gamble more. (Never forget Gary’s mantra which is quoted at the bottom of this article.) Therefore, instead of waiting until Bowl season, “The Gut” is going to make ten more selections this weekend in hopes of breaking his current slump. “Bro-in-law” Jay is back too. “Hip, hip, hooray…. everybody should gamble today!” First let’s recap last weekend’s Conference Championships.

Recap of NCAA Championship Weekend:

Conference USA (CUSA) Conference Championship: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (-2.5) vs UTSA (Texas-San Antonio) Roadrunners

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: UTSA – WON! UTSA won by 8 points, 49-41.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: UTSAWON!

Pacific-12 (PAC-12) Conference Championship: #10 Oregon Ducks vs #17 Utah Utes (-2.5)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Oregon – Lost, Utah dominated again, this time by 28 points, 38-10.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Oregon – Lost.

Saturday, December 4

Mid-American (MAC) Conference Championship: Northern Illinois Huskies vs Kent State Golden Flashes (-3.5)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Kent State – Lost, NIU won by 18 points, 41-23.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Northern IllinoisWON!

Big 12 Conference Championship: #5 Oklahoma St. Cowboys (-4.5) vs #9 Baylor Bears

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Oklahoma St. – Lost, Baylor won by five points, 21-16. What an incredible game this was. Baylor could have won the game S/U on the last play but the dude dove too early for the pylon.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Oklahoma St. – Lost.

Mountain West Conference Championship: #19 San Diego State Aztecs (-6.5) vs Utah State Aggies

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: San Diego State – Lost, San Diego State got swamped by 33 points, 46-13. What!
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Utah StateWON!

Sun Belt (SBC) Conference Championship: Appalachian State Mountaineers (-2.5) vs #24 Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Appalachian State – Lost, Louisiana won by eight points, 24-16.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: LouisianaWON!

Southeastern (SEC) Conference Championship: #1 Georgia Bulldogs (-6.5) vs #3 Alabama Crimson Tide

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Georgia – Lost, Georgia played their worst game of the season and lost by 17 points, 41-24.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: AlabamaWON!

American Athletic (AAC) Conference Championship: #4 Cincinnati Bearcats (-10.5) vs #21 Houston Cougars

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Houston – Lost, Cincinnati held on by 15 points, 35-20.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: CincinnatiWON!

Big Ten (B1G) Conference Championship: #2 Michigan Wolverines (-10.5) vs #13 Iowa Hawkeyes

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Michigan – WON! Michigan indeed dominated as predicted, blowing out the Hawks 42-3.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: MichiganWON!

Atlantic Coast (ACC) Conference Championship: #15 Pitt Panthers (-3.5) vs #16 Wake Forest Demon Deacons

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Wake Forest – Lost, Pitt won 45-21.
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: PittWON!

Overall Standings Thru 12 Weeks:


  • NCAA: 2-8 for the week, 42-44-4 for the season (4-2 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • NFL: 15-14-2 for the season (2-3 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • Overall: 2-8 for the week, 57-58-6 for the season (6-5 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)


  • NCAA: 8-2 for the week, 17-5-1 for the season
  • NFL: 3-4 for the season
  • Overall: 8-2 for the week, 20-9-1 for the season

Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s Weekend Selections

NCAA Weekend Special:

Army Black Knights (-7.5) vs Navy Midshipmen

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Army
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Army

NFL Week 14 Selections:

New Orleans Saints (-5.5) at New York Jets

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: New York Jets
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: New York Jets

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (-2.5)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Baltimore Ravens
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Cleveland Browns

Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-9.5)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Las Vegas Raiders
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Kansas City Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys (-4) at Washington

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Dallas Cowboys
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Washington

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans (-8.5)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Tennessee Titans (Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Tennessee Titans

San Francisco 49ers (-1.5) at Cincinnati Bengals

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Cincinnati Bengals
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Cincinnati Bengals

Co-Game of the Week: Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Buffalo Bills
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday Night Football: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (-11.5)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Green Bay Packers
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Chicago Bears

Co-Game of the Week (Monday Night Football): Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals (-2)

  • Gary “The Gut” picks: Los Angeles Rams
  • “Bro-in-law” Jay picks: Los Angeles Rams

There you have it. “The Gut” and “Bro-in-law” Jay picked exactly half of the ten games differently. We’ll see what happens. Happy gambling!

“Whether rich or poor, thou shalt gamble more” – Gary’s mantra

Gary’s lavish TV Room

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