Gary “The Gut” – Week 6, ’22

Gary “The Gut” – Week 6, ’22

Week 5 Recap

NCAA Best Bets:

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week” – Wake Forest (+6.5) over Florida State Seminoles – WON! Wake Forest won by ten points, 31-21. Easy win for Gary.
  • Georgia Bulldogs (-28.5) over Missouri Tigers – LOST. Georgia struggled mightily. They almost lot this game, but pulled it out in the end. They only won by four points 26-22.
  • Michigan Wolverines (-10.5) over Iowa Hawkeyes – WON! Michigan covered by 13 points, 27-14.
  • Oklahoma Sooners (-5) over TCU Horned Frogs – LOST. Oklahoma got their butts kicked by 31 points, 55-24.
  • Oregon Ducks (-17) over Stanford Cardinal – WON! Oregon just barely covered this spread, winning by 18 points, 45-27.
  • Penn State Nittany Lions (-24.5) over Northwestern Wildcats – LOST. Penn State won by only ten points, 17-7 in a rainy afternoon in Happy Valley. The weather cost us here.
  • Kentucky Wildcats (+6.5) over Ole Miss Rebels – WON! Ole Miss won the game but only by 3 points, 22-19. Thus, Kentucky covered that spread.

NFL Best Bets

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week” Denver Broncos (+2.5) over Las Vegas Raiders – Lost. The Broncos lost by nine points, 32-23. Denver has been so disappointing. It continued already this week in a miserable Thursday night game.
  • Los Angeles Chargers (-5.5) over Houston Texans – WON! The Chargers won by 10 points, 34-24. In retrospect, Gary wishes he had made this his “Lock of the Week”.
  • San Francisco 49ers (-1.5) over Los Angeles Rams – WON! The 49ers smoked the Rams, 24-9, sending a message.

Overall Standings Thru 5 Weeks:

  • NCAA: 4-3 for the week, 13-10 for the season (1-1 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • NFL: 2-1 for the week, 8-10 for the season (1-2 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • Overall: 6-4 for the week, 21-20 for the season (2-3 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)

Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s Week 6 Selections

“The Gut” is over the .500 mark in what has been a slow start to the season. That’s ok, now that it’s getting cold, it’s time to get hot! Gary is going to be like one of those Varnado space heaters…. he’ll warm the entire room with this week’s prognostications.

NCAA Best Bets:

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week” – LSU Tigers (+3) over Tennessee Volunteers – Gary is surprised that the Tigers are “getting” points at home in Death Valley. I agree with “The Gut”. LSU has the “Eye of the Tiger” painted onto their 50 yard line. “There’s glory in the legends of this hard-muscle life” and we think the ghosts of Tiger Stadium will arrive on Saturday to help the current Tigers defeat the Vols. PICK: LSU
  • Gary’s BONUS “Lock of the Week” – Oklahoma State Cowboys (-9) over Texas Tech Red Raiders – Gary LOVES this point spread. OK State is 32-18-1 ATS over the last four seasons (2018-’21). Last year the Cowboys were 10 point favorites and won 23-0 at Texas Tech. This year the ‘Boys are nine point favorites and playing at home. PICK: Oklahoma St.
  • Florida Gators (-10.5) over Missouri Tigers – Last year Mizzou beat Florida 24-23. It’s time for revenge. After last week’s crushing collapse against Georgia, we expect a flat Tigers team to lay down for the Gators in the Swamp. PICK: Florida
  • Michigan Wolverines (-21.5) over Indiana Hoosiers
  • Arkansas Razorbacks (+9.5) over Mississippi St. Bulldogs – 9 and a half points seems like WAY, way too many points here, despite the fact the game is in Starkville, MS. The Razorbacks were 8-4-1 ATS last year. So far this year they are 3-2 S/U and 2-1-1 ATS. Of course, Mississippi State is also 4-1 S/U and 4-1 ATS, and they’re playing at home. Something has to give. Gary thinks the Bulldogs will be giving, and this big of a point spread is simply too much. PICK: Arkansas
  • Georgia Bulldogs (-29) over Auburn Tigers – We’d be willing to bet that HC Kirby Smart pushed his Bulldogs all week in practice to play better than they did last week in Missouri. We’re looking for Auburn to walk back home to Alabama in a “Trail of Tears”. PICK: Georgia
  • Clemson Tigers (-20.5) over Boston College Eagles
  • Washington State Cougars (+12.5) over USC Trojans – Wazzu went 8-2 ATS in their last ten games in ’21. So far this year they are 4-1 S/U and 3-1-1 ATS. PICK: Washington State
  • Oregon Ducks (-12.5) over Arizona Wildcats – Last year Oregon was favored by 30 at home over ‘Zona but only won by 22 points, 41-19. This year we like the smallish 12.5 points on the road in Tucson. PICK: Oregon
  • Boise State Broncos (-6.5) over Fresno State Bulldogs – Boise State is starting to play better now that they moved on from their old Offensive Coordinator and old quarterback Hank Bachmeier. Sometimes change is good and the Broncos are back to establishing their running game with new QB Taylen Green and RB George Holani. Last year the Broncos were five point underdogs (+5) yet destroyed Fresno 40-14. PICK: Boise State

NFL Best Bets:

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week” – Minnesota Vikings (-7.5) over Chicago Bears – Gary just doesn’t see much from Chicago, despite their surprising 2-2 record. However, when you really study this Bears team, you see poor offense AND poor defense. Young QB Justin Fields is not doing well and neither is this roster-depleted defense. Meanwhile, the Vikings have much more talent and are playing at home in US Bank Stadium. PICK: Minnesota
  • Arizona Cardinals (+5.5) over Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are one of the most surprising teams in the NFL so far this year, starting 4-0. That sounds wonderful, right? However, Philadelphia’s schedule has been easier than a 3rd grade math test with the flash cards clearly visible on Mrs. Johnson’s desk. Piece of cake, right? The Eagles have beaten the Lions 38-35, the Vikings 24-7, the Commanders 24-8, and the Jaguars 29-21. Now the Eagles might feel the pressure going into Arizona as the only undefeated team left in the league. The Cardinals might surprise the Eagles here. PICK: Arizona
  • Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5) over Las Vegas Raiders – Just like the two NFL selections listed above, “The Gut” is taking a home team in a favorable position. The Chiefs (3-1) are much better than the Raiders (1-3). So why are they only favored by about a touchdown? Is it the historic rivalry? We’re not sure, but we’re going to put our money on HC Andrew Reid and company to win by at least eight points on Monday Night Football. PICK: Kansas City

“Whether rich or poor, thou shalt gamble more” – Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s mantra

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