Gary “The Gut” – Week 11, ’22

Gary “The Gut” Goombah – Week 11, ’22

Week 10 Recap

Gary “The Gut” is glowing after his fantastic first week of November. He went 6-2 with his college picks and split even with his NFL selections. Overall he went 8-4-1 for the week. Can he double up in Week 11? First, let’s recap his outstanding picks.

NCAA Best Bets:

  • Penn State Nittany Lions (-13.5) over Indiana Hoosiers – WON! Penn State won by 31 points, 45-14.
  • Oklahoma State Cowboys (+1.5) over Kansas Jayhawks – LOST. Kansas destroyed Oklahoma State by 21 points, 37-16.
  • LSU Tigers (+13.5) over Alabama Crimson Tide – WON! LSU won this game straight up in Overtime, 32-31. This may have been the Game of the Year and we’re proud to have predicted an LSU surprise.
  • Utah Utes (-17.5) over Arizona Wildcats – WON! Utah won by 25 points, 45-20.
  • Army Black Knights (+7.5) over Air Force Falcons – WON! Army lost by only six points, 13-7.
  • Kentucky Wildcats (+1) over Missouri Tigers – WON! Kentucky won straight-up by four points, 21-17.
  • North Carolina Tar Heels (-7.5) over Virginia Cavaliers – LOST. UNC won the game but only by three points, 31-28.
  • UCLA Bruins (-10.5) over Arizona St. Sun Devils – WON! UCLA won in a shootout by 14 points, 50-36.

NFL Best Bets:

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week” – Miami Dolphins (-4) over Chicago Bears – LOST. Miami won by only three points, 35-32.
  • Cincinnati Bengals (-7) over Carolina Panthers – WON! The Bengals won big over the Panthers by 21 points, 42-21.
  • Arizona Cardinals (-1.5) over Seattle Seahawks – LOST. Seattle won by 10 points, 31-21.
  • Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) over New Orleans Saints – WON! Baltimore won at New Orleans by 14 points, 27-13.
  • Los Angeles Chargers (-3) over Atlanta Falcons – PUSH. The Chargers won by exactly three points, 20-17.

Overall Standings Thru 10 Weeks:

  • NCAA: 6-2 for the week, 34-26 (57%) for the season (4-4 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • NFL: 2-2-1 for the week, 14-20-1 for the season (1-4 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • Overall: 8-4-1 for the week, 48-46-1 (51%) for the season (5-8 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)

Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s Week 11 Selections

NCAA Best Bets:

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week”: Nebraska Cornhuskers (+30.5) over Michigan Wolverines – Gary knows Dutch Lion is a huge Huskers fan, so he routinely asks me, his ghostwriter, how I feel about Nebraska that week. Well, I gotta be honest with “The Gut”. Nebraska isn’t very good right now. But 30 points to Michigan? We think Nebraska can keep it closer than 31 points. I could see a 35-14 victory by Michigan, or even a 38-10 score, but that’s still a Nebraska ATS victory. I’m not so nutty as to predict a Nebraska straight up upset, but 30.5 points seems ridiculous. PICK: Nebraska
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-15.5) over Navy Midshipmen
  • Georgia Bulldogs (-16.5) over Mississippi St. Bulldogs
  • Oklahoma Sooners (-7.5) over West Virginia Mountaineers
  • Ole Miss Rebels (+11.5) over Alabama Crimson Tide

NFL Best Bets:

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week”: Dallas Cowboys (-2.5) over Green Bay Packers – This point spread is closer than it should be because of the history of the rivalry, the long-time success of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, and the fact that it’s in Lambeau Field. However, Dallas is on a roll and Green Bay, well, isn’t. The Pack have lost five in a row. PICK: Dallas
  • New York Giants (-4.5) over Houston Texans
  • Las Vegas Raiders (-3.5) over Indianapolis Colts
  • Washington Commanders (+11) over Philadelphia Eagles

Gary’s private jet is necessary for him to fly all over the country, no, the world!, to gamble on sporting events everywhere! With another successful week, maybe you too can buy yourself a private jet so’s you can lose all your American dollars overseas to sultans and kings and czars and tsars and princes and dukes and duchesses. Can you tell it’s getting late? Enough reading. Go gamble online at the official sportsbook of Dutch Lion Sports:

“Whether rich or poor, thou shalt gamble more” – Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s mantra

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