Bears vs Broncos Preview

Now that I’m writing Chicago Bears articles for Last Word on Pro Football, I need to establish a new writing schedule for the 2019 season. This will bee a quick weekly preview column with a prediction for each week’s Bears game so that I have it “on the record”.

This is now my 4th consecutive season writing about the Bears. Over the first three seasons, we’ve seen a miserable Bears squad evolve into a Super Bowl contender under the direction of General Manager Ryan Pace. He’s done a solid job gathering talent. The current Bears have depth and potential. Even though it’s been stormy, the clouds are clearing and there’s optimism for a bright, glorious day ahead.

Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos

I know the sky is falling, but let’s be honest. It was just one game. The sun will rise again tomorrow, and the offense will improve. The defense never stopped playing great. They gave up 10 points which was 7.5 points better than their league leading points per game allowed last season.

Today, I look for the Bears to rebound in Denver against Vic Fangio’s Broncos. My main concern is Fangio’s genius scheming, especially when he knows everything about both the Bears offense AND defense. He knows how to defend us and how to attack us. Add in the elevation which often plays a part in teams losing in Colorado and we have a possible second straight defeat to start what is still a promising Super Bowl season.

On the other hand, the Bears are a MUCH better team than they showed in the opener. Plus, Denver is simply not as talented as Chicago. I expect the Bears to correct many of the opening game mistakes and make some headway this afternoon.

Prediction History Recap

2016: 10-6 weekly record (Preseason prediction was ? Bears record was 3-13) – I had a seven game winning streak to end the season!

2017: 9-7 weekly record (Preseason prediction was ? Bears record was 5-11) – The streak ended in Week 2, giving us our personal record 8 game winning streak.

2018: ? weekly record (Preseason prediction was 10-6. Bears record was 12-5 including Playoffs)

2019: 0-1 so far (Preseason prediction was 13-3. Bears record is currently 0-1)

Week 1 – Bears 27 Packers 16 (Actual score: Packers 10 Bears 3)

Week 2 – Bears 23, Broncos 13

Sorry for the late post but I was out mowing the grass. Enjoy the (rest of the) game!

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