Real Men Go for Two… But Still Lose

The Chicago Bears evened their record at 1-1 with an incredible come from behind victory over the winless Denver Broncos (0-2) on Sunday in Colorado. It was a crazy game that went back and forth, at least in the end. For the rest of this article please visit Last Word on Pro Football.

Thank you for reading! Look for Dutch Lion’s Bears/Redskins Preview prior to Monday Night Football.


  1. Hi Reid, John here from Las Vegas Photoblog – just want to say thank you for stopping by the blog here and there, I appreciate that! Also want to apologise for not visiting your blog as I’m just not a sports guy at all. Sorry about this. Take it easy sir! 😎

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  2. Thanks John! No worries. I get your posts on a daily basis and scroll through and try to “like” the ones I enjoy. I really like your photography. You do a great job. I like the scenery stuff and Vegas stuff because I’ve been there about 3 or 4 times. I want to move out West someday.

    Don’t worry about my stuff if you don’t like sports. I completely understand.

    Thanks for the comments.



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