Week 2 of the Blogger Games

Hey everybody, today we’re going to participate in a blogger game called “The Blogger Games” as brought to you by the Captain, Paul. Here’s more info about “The Blogger Games” at The Captain’s Speech. Paul is a phenomenal writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He’s a huge Blue Jays, Raptors, and Maple Leafs fan amongst other teams. Not only is Paul a huge sports fan but he’s just a tremendous writer. Check out his website.

Here are Paul’s questions with my answers in Italics, along with some commentary.


1. In Grade 6, I was the captain of which intramural team?
A) Floor Hockey
B) Basketball
C) Indoor Soccer

A) Floor Hockey : I know Paul pretty well by now over the years as we’ve conversed on many topics but mostly sports. Having said that, I think Paul was really into floor hockey but I could be wrong. I know he gave intense pep talks to his teammates, thus inventing his blog title, “The Captain’s Speech”. As for me, I played soccer for fun in recess and P.E. I played competitive basketball for 8 seasons from 5th through 12th grade. My all-time favorite PE class sport: Floor Hockey! Oh man! I love dominating out there with slap shots and big saves and all of it! Dude!

2. Which jersey number did I wear in my first year playing softball?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 13

C) 13 : I don’t remember this one for sure. As for myself, I always wore jersey #1, #4, or #10. When I was on high school baseball, I was #1 because I was small and #1 is usually the smallest jersey. They called me One Dog after Lance Johnson of the White Sox.

3. Which piece of sporting equipment do I not currently have in my bedroom?
A) Football
B) Lacrosse Ball
C) Tennis Ball

B) Lacrosse Ball : This doesn’t sound like The Captain. I similarly have footballs, tennis balls, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and golf balls scattered all over Maplewood (our house’s regal estate name). No lacrosse balls though.

4. Which sport have I never attended in-person?
A) Rugby
B) Soccer
C) Football

A) Rugby : A really tough one. I don’t think Paul has been to a rugby game. I know all about his Blue Jays and Maple Leafs games. I bet he’s been to a Toronto Argonauts game too. Soccer? Hmmm, not sure. I’ll stick with rugby. As for me, I’ve never attended a rugby game OR a soccer game.

5. At the first baseball game I ever went to, what did I eat?
A) Pizza
B) McDonald’s
C) Hotdog

B) McDonald’s : I almost answered Pizza because I know Paul loves it. However, I vaguely remember him telling about his first game with his Dad/family and he ate McDonald’s. As for me, when I was seven back in 1982, I ate a hot dog at the old Comiskey Park for my first White Sox game. The Sox won 5-3 over…..Toronto, ironically! Memorable moments on July 25,’82: 1) Seeing the huge green grass field for the first time was unforgettable. 2) Hearing the Canadian national anthem “O Canada” was awesome. 3) Home runs by Willie Upshaw (Blue Jays) and Greg Luzinski (Sox). Exactly 22 years later, our daughter was born!

6. Which hockey team’s jacket did I not own as a child?
A) Colorado Avalanche
B) Toronto Maple Leafs
C) Detroit Red Wings

C) Detroit Red Wings : I almost did NOT read that question correctly and guessed Maple Leaves (inside joke) because I KNOW Paul loves the Leafs and wore that jacket all the time. I don’t see how you could ever own a Wings jacket. Avalanche? Not sure about that one but they were good back in the day. Personally I’ve never owned a hockey jacket.

7. Which ball has never hit me in the face?
A) Soccer Ball
B) Basketball
C) Volleyball

B) Basketball : I seem to always vaguely remember these stories. I think I recall Paul getting hit in the face with a volleyball for sure. The others, I’m just guessing. I’ll take Basketball for $200 Alex. I’ve definitely been hit in the face with all of these balls and more. One of the worst was throwing a tennis ball as high as I could but missing the catch. It hit me square in the nose and hurt really bad. I was probably six or seven or eight years old.

8. In university, I participated in this intramural sport…
A) Ultimate Frisbee
B) Badminton
C) Dodgeball

A) Ultimate Frisbee : You know what….I don’t know all these answers as well as I thought I would. These are tough questions! I think Paul may have played all of these in Intramurals so this might be a trick question. As for me, I played intramural flag football, basketball, and softball at University of Illinois. Great times back in those days.

9. I tore ligaments in my fingers playing this sport…
A) Volleyball
B) Basketball
C) Football

B) Basketball : I’m guessing this one because basketballs definitely mangle the fingers. I know from all of my eight years of basketball. I was constantly getting my fingers jammed. I’ve never had a serious injury luckily. Cross those fingers. I’m 46 and still playing ball!

10. Which baseball player was on the cover of my favourite video game?
A) Derek Jeter
B) Albert Pujols
C) Manny Ramirez

C) Manny Ramirez : I’m almost positive on this answer. I believe it was EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 with Manny on the cover for Playstation 2. I also love this game! I might break it out and play if I can find my old PS2.

That’s it for Week 2 of the “Blogger Games”. Keep your eyes peeled for results and future fun.


  1. Not going to give away how you did, but I was very impressed with your answers as well as the video game photo. Well done. Really enjoyed reading the reasoning behind your answers as well as your own personal response.

    There’s nothing like going to a stadium for the first time. We saw it on TV but in person it’s just so much better. What a great coincidence that your daughter was born on the same day years later.

    Liked by 1 person

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