Week 3 of the Blogger Games

Once again, let’s compete in Cap’n Paul’s Blogger Games. This is Week 3:


1. Which way do I like the toilet paper roll to hang?
A) Over
B) Under

I’m sure Paul likes the toilet paper “Under”, because I recall reading that and thinking that was weird. I prefer it “Over” and make sure all of our household toilet paper fits my profile. The other family members have absolutely zero say in this preference.

2. Sandwiches taste better when they are…
A) Not Cut
B) Cut Diagonally

Paul likes sandwiches “Cut Diagonally”. I think I only eat grilled cheese this way, at least that’s what my wife does and I just eat what she gives me.

3. When it comes to watching shows on TV, do I like to watch them…
A) Live
B) Later (Recorded)

I believe Pauly likes using that DVR to watch shows on what we used to call “tape delay”. I’m not sure anyway uses that term anymore. I AM sure that nobody uses VCR’s anymore… especially Beta ones.

4. Would I rather…
A) Stay Up Late
B) Wake Up Early

The Cap’n LOVES staying up late. In fact, most of his writing takes place after midnight. “After midnight, we’re gonna let it all hang out…”

5. Though I like both, which fries do I like more?
A) Wendy’s
B) McDonald’s

Paul prefers McDonald’s I think. I definitely prefer McDonald’s fries. They are classic, perfect, scrumptious, and wonderful. In fact, I was just mentioning this the other day to my wife when we ate McDonald’s for the first time in months. (We’re on a low carb diet and never eat fries or potatoes much anymore, which SUX!”) PS: Wendy’s fries are not great, probably in the bottom half of the industry. Sorry “freckled bitch”. Haha. I used to work with a guy who called it that. That was twenty years ago and I just remembered. It’s funny what the human brain remembers after decades in storage. LOL!

6. I like to sleep on my…
A) Side
B) Back
C) Stomach

I don’t recall the Captain’s sleeping habits. However, I don’t think he sleeps on his stomach, because I do and I think I would have remembered that.

7. When drinking from a small milk carton, do I…
A) Use A Straw
B) Not Use A Straw

I’m not sure if Paul uses a straw, although I NEVER do. I think straws are for girls, or at least for kids. No sane man uses a straw. Only a fruity man would use a straw. (Man do I hope I didn’t offend anyone, especially the Cap’n!)

8. I prefer a desk chair…
A) Without Arm Rests
B) With Arm Rests

The truth is, it depends. I believe Paul will answer the same. I mean, it definitely depends based on things such as desk height, chair height, and swivel capability. Do your arms/hands get crushed underneath the desk when you scoot in? I mean, this is important stuff folks! Bottom line: If it is safe, we prefer armrests. If dangerous, chop off the armrests… or the arms. Just kidding.

9. Which do I prefer on my feet in the summer?
A) Shoes
B) Sandals

I think Paul is a guy that wears sandals. I wear both shoes and sandals and love both. I love the Nike “SB” skateboard shoes. I’ve had black with white and gray with white. They are some of my favorite shoes ever.

10. Which type of book do I enjoy more?
A) Fiction
B) Non-Fiction

I believe Paul likes fiction but I’m not sure. Personally, I prefer non-fiction. I read a lot of sports books, biographies, and history books in which I can learn something. I’ll read fiction but not dimestore stuff. I like reading the classic writers such as Hemingway to realize just how darn good they really were. For example, “Old Man and the Sea” was brilliant.

That’s it for Week 3. I’m hoping for another Gold Medal just like Week 2.


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