Gary “The Gut” – Week 3, ’22

Gary “The Gut” Goombah – Week 3, ’22

Who are you betting on this weekend? Gary “The Gut” is back to give you his best bets. Last week he went only 2-3 on NFL picks. With more games to choose from this week, Gary is likely to be much more successful than last.

Week 2 Recap:

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week”: San Francisco 49ers (-6.5) over Chicago Bears – LOST. The Bears won 19-10 in a swamp at Soldier Field. This was the perfect example of how weather can mess with a game, and thus, your money.
  • Minnesota Vikings (+1.5) over Green Bay Packers – WON! In retrospect, Gary wished he had made this game his “Lock of the Week”. Hopefully you put big money on the Vikings, as they won handily, 23-7.
  • Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5) over Las Vegas Raiders – WON! The Chargers won by 5 points, 24-19, covering that spread.
  • Tennessee Titans (-5.5) over New York Giants – LOST. The Giants won 21-20 in an upset.
  • Carolina Panthers (+1.5) over Cleveland Browns – LOST. The Browns pulled out this game with a 58 yard field goal to win by two points, 26-24. Now that’s a Bad Beat my friends.

Overall Standings Thru 2 Weeks:

  • NCAA: 0-0 for the week, 3-2 for the season (0-0 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • NFL: 2-3 for the week, 2-3 for the season (0-1 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • Overall: 2-3 for the week, 5-5 for the season (0-1 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)

Gary has a private jet. Every time he wants to travel, it’s “Wheels Up!”

Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s Week 3 Selections

NCAA Best Bets

Gary’s “Lock of the Week” : Purdue Boilermakers (+1.5) over Syracuse Orange – I can’t believe Purdue is getting points in this one. We think the Boilers will beat Syracuse straight up. They might even dominate this game. How are they the underdog? PICK: Purdue

Iowa State Cyclones (-18.5) over Ohio – The Cyclones will roll over the Bobcats in Ames, Iowa. They shall win by at least three touchdowns behind the passing of QB Hunter Dekkers to WR Xavier Hutchinson. PICK: Iowa State

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (-16.5) over Liberty – We know Liberty has started off 2-0 this young season. So has Wake. The Demon Deacs are led by superstar QB Sam “The Hitman” Hartman. They can cover this spread. PICK: Wake Forest

Florida Gators (-24.5) over South Florida – This is a pretty big spread, yet I’m confident the Gators will cover. After losing last week to Kentucky, Florida will be highly motivated to douse their in-state rivals. Did I mention that South Florida is 125th out of 131 teams in Total Defense? That means the Gators will score early and often. PICK: Florida

LSU Tigers (+2.5) over Mississippi State Bulldogs – LSU is a home ‘dog this week! “The Gut” thinks you should put mucho dinero on the Tigers to “upset” the Bulldogs. PICK: LSU

USC Trojans (-12.5) over Fresno St. – Southern Cal can score points with the best of ’em. Only need to cover twelve and a half points? Easy. PICK: USC

NFL Best Bets

  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week”: Green Bay Packers (-9.5) over Chicago Bears – After a poor performance on the road in Minneapolis in the opener, the Packers will likely “get right” in their home opener in Lambeau Field. The Bears will likely be overconfident and the truth is, they’re a horrible team! This will be a real wake-up call for Chicago and all the ‘kool-aid’ drunk Bears fans. PICK: Green Bay
  • Denver Broncos (-9.5) over Houston Texans – Denver is good. Houston is bad. PICK: Denver
  • Arizona Cardinals (+5.5) over Las Vegas Raiders – “The Gut” thinks the Cardinals might win this game S/U. Getting 5.5 points? You’re too kind Las Vegas. PICK: Arizona
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5) over New England Patriots – Don’t let the name “New England Patriots” scare you anymore. They don’t have a very good team right now. Meanwhile, we don’t know if the Steelers are fantastic, but getting 2.5 points seems like too much. PICK: Pittsburgh
  • Los Angeles Rams (-10.5) over Atlanta Falcons – The Rams are motivated to move past last week’s opening night disaster vs Buffalo. The Falcons aren’t very good. PICK: L.A. Rams

We have plenty of good options this weekend. So put your money where your mouth is, Johnny Cash, and “Walk the Line”.

“Whether rich or poor, thou shalt gamble more” – Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s mantra

Football and cash go hand-in-hand

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