Gary “The Gut” Goombah – Week 4, ’22

Gary “The Gut” Goombah – Week 4, ’22

Week 3 Recap:

  • Gary’s NCAA “Lock of the Week” Purdue (+1.5) over Syracuse – LOST. Purdue lost by 3 points, 32-29. This was a BAD BEAT guys. The Boilermakers had this game won with a late TD but then were ridiculously penalized 25 yards on the ensuing kickoff which helped Syracuse win the game with 7 seconds left. Boo!
  • Iowa St. Cyclones (-18) over Ohio Bobcats – WON! Iowa St. crushed Ohio 43-10.
  • Wake Forest Demon Deacons (-16.5) over Liberty – LOST. Wake Forest prevailed, but only by one point in a tight game throughout.
  • Florida Gators (-24.5) over South Florida – LOST. Florida won by only three points.
  • LSU Tigers (+2.5) over Mississippi St. Bulldogs – WON! The Tigers won at home by 15 points, 31-16.
  • USC Trojans (-12.5) over Fresno St. Bulldogs – WON! USC won by 28 points, 45-17.
  • Gary’s “Lock of the Week”: Green Bay Packers (-9.5) over Chicago Bears – WON! The Packers continued their domination over the Bears with a 17 point victory, 27-10.
  • Denver Broncos (-9.5) over Houston Texans – LOST. Denver won by only seven points, 16-9.
  • Arizona Cardinals (+5.5) over Las Vegas Raiders – WON! Arizona won by six points in Overtime, 29-23.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5) over New England Patriots – LOST. The Steelers lost by three points, 17-14.
  • Los Angeles Rams (-10.5) over Atlanta Falcons – LOST. The Rams won by only four points, 31-27, after leading 21-3 at halftime and 28-10 after 3 quarters.

Overall Standings Thru 3 Weeks:

  • NCAA: 3-3 for the week, 6-5 for the season (0-1 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • NFL: 2-3 for the week, 4-6 for the season (1-1 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)
  • Overall: 5-6 for the week, 10-11 for the season (1-2 on Gary’s “Lock of the Week”)

Gary “The Gut” Goombah’s Week 4 Selections

NCAA Best Bets

  • Washington St. Cougars (+6.5) over Oregon Ducks
  • Duke Blue Devils (+9.5) over Kansas Jayhawks – So much hype about Kansas and their head coach Leipold. Not so fast my friends. Sure, they have two good wins (3-0 overall) but we don’t expect it to continue for much longer. Meanwhile, Duke is 3-0 also. PICK: Duke
  • Michigan Wolverines (-17) over Maryland Terrapins – Seems too easy. PICK: Michigan
  • Ohio St. Buckeyes (-18.5) over Wisconsin Badgers – The Badgers defense is really solid, as always, but the Buckeyes offense is top-notch, top-notch. PICK: Ohio State
  • Stanford Cardinal (+14) over Washington Huskies

NFL Best Bets

  • Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) over Indianapolis Colts
  • Los Angeles Chargers (-3) over Jacksonville Jaguars. The line was seven points prior to the news about Chargers QB Justin Herbert. Since he’s currently questionable with a rib cartilage injury, this line was dropped to just three points. If Herbert plays, we feel great about covering the three points. If he is replaced by backup QB Chase Daniel, we are definitely concerned. Nonetheless, the Chargers are a better team and they are at home in SoFi Stadium. PICK: Los Angeles
  • Tennessee Titans (+2.5) over Las Vegas Raiders – I don’t think the Titans are as bad as people are making them out, just because of their 0-2 start. They lost by one to the Giants and by 34 to the Bills. Buffalo is the best team in the league. I’ll give the Titans a break for that one. They return home to Nashville to take on the Raiders. PICK: Tennessee
  • Cincinnati Bengals (-6) over New York Jets – Here’s where the Bengals get back on track, with an easy victory over the Jets. PICK: Cincinnati
  • Minnesota Vikings (-6) over Detroit Lions – Minnesota is better than they showed on Monday night. Here’s betting they rebound nicely against an NFC Norris foe in US Bank Stadium. PICK: Minnesota

“Whether rich or poor, thou shalt gamble more” – Gary “The Gut’s” mantra

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