Gary “The Gut” Goombah : Week 7

Gary “The Gut” Goombah was in exile this past week. He had to “get outta Dodge” as they say. In fact, Gary’s picks have been so bad the past two weeks that he’s on the brink of disaster…….financial disaster. It could be worse, think Bernie Madoff. Or it could be worse than that, think Phil Steele’s ATS picks for the season: 23-32-1. OUCH! Even “The Gut” isn’t faring that poorly.

Week 6 Recap

  • Wisconsin Badgers (-17) over Purdue – Of course the Badgers had a big letdown after their huge win in Lincoln. They won 17-9, winning by only 8 points. 3 turnovers really hurt the Badgers as they outgained the Boilers by a 494-221 margin in total yardage. Wisconsin should’ve EASILY covered that 17 points but that’s just the way “The Gut’s” luck has gone the last couple weeks. LOSS
  • Michigan Wolverines (-7) over Indiana Hoosiers – First of all let me say I like Indiana’s team this year. The Hoosiers gave Ohio St. a run for their money in the season opener. They almost beat Michigan straight up in this one as they took the Wolverines to OT. Michigan won 27-20 in OT. “The Gut” was lucky in this one as it could’ve/should’ve been a loss but the OT gave him a 2nd chance. Ironically, this exact same scenario turned a win into a loss with Kansas St. going to OT against Texas in Week 5. You win some, you lose some. This was evened out. DRAW
  • Oklahoma Sooners (-8) over Texas Longhorns – OU is a much better team than Texas in my humble opinion. Gary agrees. That’s why he took OU! Final score: Oklahoma won 29-24, winning by 5. Another tough LOSS.
  • Washington Huskies (-17.5) over Arizona St. Sun Devils – This was just a flat out awful pick by Gary as Washington played flat. In fact, it looked like they had a flat tire in an Indy 500 race. Me (and “The Gut”) overlooked ASU. They might be the best 3-3 team in the country. In a week of upsets, this was the biggest as undefeated Washington may have just played their way out of the CFP. Arizona St. won 13-7 in one of those crazy games that UW should’ve won anyway, but they didn’t play good enough to cover the spread. Bad LOSS.
  • LSU Tigers (+7) over Auburn Tigers – Gary redeemed himself and salvaged his entire week with only one game in the entire slate. LSU indeed upset the Auburn Tigers as “The Gut” predicted, not only covering those 7 points at home but winning straight up, 27-23! Great WIN by “The Gut”.

Season Record

  • Week 1 : 3-0-1
  • Week 2 : 1-3
  • Week 3 : 3-1
  • Week 4 : 3-1
  • Week 5 : 0-4
  • Week 6 : 1-3-1
  • Season Totals: 11-12-2

As usual, all point spreads are taken from Friday’s Chicago Tribune.

Week 7 NCAA Selections

Oklahoma St. Logo Oklahoma St. Cowboys (-7) over Texas Longhorns – Once again I’m picking against the ‘Horns. Why? Because I don’t think they’re very good. I could be wrong, but Gary “The Gut” Goombah isn’t! He says to ride those horses, ya know, like Cowboys do. Expect a big victory. PICK COWBOYS by way more than 7 measly points.

Michigan Logo2 Michigan Wolverines (+9) over Penn St. Nittany Lions – I know what you’re thinking. It’s a White Out in Happy Valley. You sure you wanna go there “Gut”? Let me check. Yeah, he’s sure. Michigan’s D is outstanding and this will be a low-scoring game. The Wolverines may not win S/U but those 9 points look nice. PICK MICHIGAN.

West Virginia Logo West Virginia Mountaineers (-9) over Baylor Bears – Baylor stinks. It’s almost sad how far they’ve fallen except when you consider why. Anyway, WVU is rolling and ready to put up some big numbers on the Bears. PICK WEST VIRGINIA!

Syracuse Logo Syracuse Orangemen (+17) over Miami Hurricanes – 17 points is too much for the ‘Canes to cover against a team that just beat #2 Clemson S/U. Hmmmm. That might be the problem here. The Orange might be overconfident. They might be full of themselves and assume they’re better than they truly are. The ‘Canes won’t take them lightly either after that huge upset. Nonetheless, Gary feels strongly about this pick. Who am I to talk him out of it? PICK SYRACUSE with 17 points to spare!

Week 7 NFL Selection

Carolina Panthers Logo Carolina Panthers (-3) over Chicago Bears – As a Bears fan this hurts me to say but “The Gut” and I agree that Carolina is pretty good and should win by more than 3 points over Chicago. In my Bears/Panthers Preview I predicted Panthers 21 Bears 13. “The Gut” liked where my head was at and so he is taking my advice in this one and laying his money down on Cam Newton and the Panthers to cover that ‘field goal’ spread. PICK CAROLINA.

That’s it for this week. Good luck to Gary “The Gut” Goombah and to all of you! PS I hope Phil Steele is reading this column because he needs something to get his season back on track too!

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