2018-’19 NFL Playoffs Predictions

2018-’19 NFL Playoffs Predictions

Let’s make some predictions really quickly, for the record.

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AFC WILD CARD ROUND : #3 Houston Texans (11-5) over #6 Indianapolis Colts (10-6) – I can not tell a lie. Before this game started, I picked Houston. Current status: Loserville. Indy just scored again to make it 20, now 21-0! Oh well. I guess I’m staring at an 0-1 start.

AFC WILD CARD ROUND : #5 Los Angeles Chargers (12-4) over #4 Baltimore Ravens (10-6) – Phil! I love Phil Rivers. Let’s do it Phil! L.A. got hosed by the NFL’s Playoff format. They have a better record than anybody in the AFC except their division rival Kansas City. So it was either the #1 seed or the #5 seed. Bummer man.

AFC DIVISIONAL ROUND : #1 Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) over Los Angeles Chargers – This sounds like a fun matchup. I’d love to see Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes vs Chargers QB Philip Rivers in a game that should be more offensive than most Playoff games. If the Colts win, they will play at Kansas City. As of halftime, the Colts just need to protect their 21-0 lead to advance to K.C.

AFC DIVISIONAL ROUND : #2 New England Patriots (11-5) over Houston Texans – As of this writing, it doesn’t look good for Houston. Having said that, I see New England winning at home in the Divisional Round no matter who they play. Whether it’s Houston, Los Angeles, or Baltimore, I’m selecting the Patriots. What else is new?

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP : #1 Kansas City Chiefs over #2 New England Patriots – I know about KC’s defense…. it’s not that good. However, the Chiefs can outscore anybody. I’ll take ’em to win the AFC.

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NFC WILD CARD ROUND : #4 Dallas Cowboys (10-6) over #5 Seattle Seahawks (10-6) – I’ll predict Dallas 21-20.

NFC WILD CARD ROUND : #3 Chicago Bears (12-4) over #6 Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) – As you know from reading “Dutch Lion’s” Bears Playoff Preview, I’m taking Chicago to win 27-17.

NFC DIVISIONAL ROUND : #1 New Orleans Saints (13-3) over #4 Dallas Cowboys – This would be a sweet matchup in the NFC Divisional Round. Great offense against great defense. I think the Cowboys D is underrated and close to fantastic. It’s the front seven. They deserve a ton of credit. I’ll take the Saints to win in their home dome, but barely.

NFC DIVISIONAL ROUND : #2 Los Angeles Rams (13-3) over #3 Chicago Bears – Just like the other NFC Divisional Round matchup, this is a primetime high-flying offense vs unstoppable defense. This game would probably be my favorite matchup of the entire season. Unfortunately, I think L.A. will win. I’m hoping I’m wrong but I see the Bears season ending on Saturday night (after a short week) in L.A. as the Rams get revenge for the 15-6 loss at Soldier Field a few weeks ago on Sunday Night Football. The objective side of me sees Coach Sean McVay making the right adjustments to overcome the Bears outstanding defense. I’m not planning a blowout of course. I’m guessing more like a 21-17 victory for the home team after a bye week. Bummer man.

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP : #2 Los Angeles Rams over #1 New Orleans Saints – Once again, the Rams will be looking for revenge for the second week in a row. L.A. has three losses all year: vs Eagles, at Bears, and at Saints. I envision the Rams getting revenge over Chicago and then once again getting revenge at New Orleans. I just think the Rams are the best team I’ve seen all season. They went through a lull for a couple of weeks toward the end of the regular season, but now they can rest up with the bye week. This is important, because they might not be as deep as some of the other top teams. However, their starters are the best in the league. Star power will propel them to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2001 when they were still in St. Louis. That year they lost to the Patriots in New England’s first Super Bowl championship. Since then, the Patriots have won four additional Titles while the Rams haven’t even competed in one Title game.

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Super Bowl 53

Los Angeles Rams over Kansas City Chiefs – You probably remember the famous Monday Night Football game from earlier this year. Los Angeles beat Kansas City 54-51 in one of the craziest offensive games ever! That game was in the Coliseum. Super Bowl 53 will be in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Expect fireworks again. However, there is simply no way they can put up those scores again, can they? I would bet something around 31-30 or 31-28. Super Bowl MVP will be QB Jared Goff or RB Todd Gurley, unless the Rams defense stifles Mahomes and the Chiefs. In that case, there’s a chance that DT/DE Aaron Donald wins MVP.


    1. I like it Jim. I obviously want the Bears to win but I guess I’m trying to be realistic, or objective. I value home-field advantage quite a bit in the NFL Playoffs so maybe that’s where my head is at. It’s gonna be interesting. Thanks for the comments, and for reading.


  1. if you are interested in testing any of these selections against an open and liquid market, Mr. Larson would be happy to take your action on a negotiable stake

    – @mrlarson_69

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  2. Anyone but the Patriots. They are a great team but they bore me to tears. I would like to see Dallas vs. Kansas City. I think both will lose next week. Andy Reid does not have a good track record in the playoffs.

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