Welcome back to football season! I’m proud to announce that the “Dutch Lion” has agreed to write about the Chicago Bears on a weekly basis for another website this 2019 season. The website is http://www.lastwordonprofootball.com, which is part of the http://www.lastwordonsports.com network.

Our debut article is the Chicago Bears 2019 Season Preview. For more, click on this link. As usual, all likes and comments are most welcome.

Thank you very much!

Reid “Dutch Lion”


Written by Dutch Lion

My real name is Reid but they call me the "Dutch Lion". This is a mainly a sports blog with sports analysis, previews, predictions, and recaps. However, I sometimes write about other topics including books and music and even comedy. Thanks for checking out the "Dutch Lion"!


    1. Thanks for reading. I’m sure we’re all frustrated but I’m not too worried in general. Remember last year? Bears lost a close one to GB and then won 12 of 15 to win the North. I’m confident that will happen once again. Keep the faith! Thank you for the comment.

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      1. We definitely should have won our first matchup last year. Kyle Fuller dropping that game-securing interception still eats at me to this day.

        I am a Packer hater, like my father and like his father. I guess I could have accepted last night’s loss if it was against anyone BUT them. Also, our inability to score beyond one field goal is a tad irritating. But like you and I agree, we’ll gel and run the division and the conference in time.

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      2. My wife is a GB fan (from Wisconsin) which kills me….haha! Booo! Anyway, the Bears D is so dominant. Look out for Floyd and Robertson-Harris to break out. Roquan is All-World…..and Mack! Akiem Hicks is amazing. I’m super excited, despite last night’s strange game. The offense will get better.

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